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Jysolin Nerala

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Bartender
Race Fae
Zone Greater Faydark (Echoes of Faydwer)
Location Jysolin's Pub ( 202, 107, 340 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI

Related Quests[]

Items Sold[]

Item Sold Price
aerated mineral water 00000000088c
Antonia Ale (Alcoholic) 00000001021s 2c
Basic Kindling 1c
canteen of murky water 10c
canteen of pond water 38c
cocoa 18c
cream cheese 6c
dough 18c
Dwarven Ale (Alcoholic) 6s
effulgent kindling 1g 80s
Elven Wine (Alcoholic) 7s 20c
ethereal kindling 78s
Faerlie Ale 60c
flask of murky water 2c
flask of pond water 19c
glimmering kindling 55c
glowing kindling 4c
Gnomish Spirits (Alcoholic) 8s 40c
Jysolin's Special (Alcoholic) 1s 20c
lambent kindling 8s 83c
Lucan's Lager (Alcoholic) 1s 20c
luminous kindling 2s 21c
milk 6c
Oggok Swill (Alcoholic) 12s
scintillating kindling 12s 43c
smoldering kindling 50s
sparkling kindling 14c
sugar 6c
Teir'dal Blood Wine (Alcoholic) 10s 80c