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File:Jale Phlintoe (female).jpg

A female human wearing Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire set

Armor Set: Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire

(3) Applies Jale's Infusion.

  • Increases Heal Crit Chance of caster by 2.0%.

(5) Applies Wildfire Surge.

  • Increases the druid's cold, heat, and magic damage spells by 50.

This armor may be worn only by: Druids.

This armor is dropped as follows:

Slot Monster Zone
Legs Sage V'Ncenzi Castle Mistmoore
Forearms Count Valdoon Kel'Novar Crypt of Valdoon
Hands The Avatar of Serilis Kaladim
Head The Priest of Fear Estate of Unrest
Shoulders Head Butler Z'ral Mistmoore Catacombs
Chest Garanel Rucksif, the Cursed Estate of Unrest
Feet Axxyk'Tuur Obelisk of Blight