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|Chest||[[Garanel Rucksif, the Cursed]]||[[Estate of Unrest]]
|Chest||[[Garanel Rucksif, the Cursed]]||[[Estate of Unrest]]
|Feet||[[Axxyk'Tuur]]||[[Obilisk of Blight]]
|Feet||[[Axxyk'Tuur]]||[[Obelisk of Blight]]

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Armor Set: Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire

(3) Applies Jale's Infusion.

  • Increases Heal Crit Chance of caster by 2.0%.

(5) Applies Wildfire Surge.

  • Increases the druid's cold, heat, and magic damage spells by 50.

This armor may be worn only by: Druids.

This armor is dropped as follows:

Legs[information needed]Castle Mistmoore
ForearmsCount Valdoon Kel'NovarCrypt of Valdoon
HandsAvatar of SelerisKaladim
HeadThe Priest of FearEstate of Unrest
ShouldersHead Butler Z'ralMistmoore Catacombs
ChestGaranel Rucksif, the CursedEstate of Unrest
FeetAxxyk'TuurObelisk of Blight
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