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EverQuest II Kingdom of Sky Island Information
Level Range 55-70
Zone The Bonemire (Kingdom of Sky)
Arriving Clouds Drednever Crash Site
Departing Clouds Drednever Crash Site

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Island Access


Named Monsters

The Mysterious Cube

Mobs in Bonemire, the Halls of Fate and the The Laboratory of Lord Vyemm have a tiny chance to drop six different Legendary Lore items. These items can be used in the Mysterious Cube near the cloud platform ( 941, -107, 408 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI to spawn 70^^^ Epicx4 nameds when the corresponding monolithic phylactery is up. Each epic drops a specific "Essence of Ghazi"; use all six of the essences in the Cube to spawn Shade of Ghazi (72^^^ Epicx4) out of the dragon bones around the Cube.

You can use the six items in any order and at any time, even months apart (provided the correct monolith has spawned), but you must have all six Essences to spawn the Shade of Ghazi.

Item Monolith Mob Essence
Adamantine Heart West Bearer of the Crux Crux
Ebony Draconic Wing Northeast Bearer of the Carpus Carpus
Moonstone Talon Southeast The Barbed Duke Claw
Sanguinite Orb North Bearer of Gore Gore
Serpentil Ring South The Ravaging Maw Maw
Umbral Circlet Southwest The Umbral Keeper Spirit