See Also: The main city zone on the Isle of Mara called the Village of Shin

The Isle of Mara is a home to a quiet little village, a trading port, and deep dark secrets. It is accessible from any Globe you find on any dock in the world.

The Village of Shin is home to the great tradeskill lineages of Augren, Ventur, and Nurwin. The Monks of the Four Winds over look the village from their tower. The Far Seas Trading Company has set up a small port city across the river.

Up the river leads to a calm forest area, leading to a series of ancient ruins guarded by timeless sentinels, and even deeper to tainted lands and submerged ruins overrun with dark adversaries.

If you travel to the area behind the water fall, you'll discover an additional zone.

Quest Series and MoreEdit

  • Various Tradeskill daily missions: This zone became the home of the Far Seas Supply Division (Faction), which offers a variety of quests, gear, and other goodies of note to those who take up a trade. You will find NPCs in the area who give a variety of tradeskill quests.

Zone HistoryEdit

  • At one time, this zone was part of an "adventure pack" (Fallen Dynasty) that was sold independent of the normal expansions, in a manner not unlike DLC (Downloadable Content) seen in contemporary games and sold through websites like Steam.
  • Years later the content with included for free with the Shadow Odysessy expansion; access was granted to all accounts and the zone's use was built upon.
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