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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Hallmark  (AA)
Journal Level 100 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start see Starting the Quest below
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Starting the QuestEdit

  1. Loot a burnt key in Obulus Frontier
  2. go to Fens of Nathsar and speak to Mujahid Mukhtaar at loc (617, 17, 1362).
    Mujahid Mukhtaar

    Mujahid Mukhtaar

  3. speak to him and go through a weird conversation to start the quest.
Possible locations of Fiery Portal among many throughout
Fiery Portal

Fiery Portal


  • The various beasties in zone are heroic ^^^, Named are Epic x3 or x4, but you get a special buff called Burning Bounty.
    Burning Bounty

    Burning Bounty

  • Named recognizable at a distance by a HUGE plume of smoke.
  • Each non-named drops a small chest with about 9 Plat in it, hearkening back to the days of grinding epic zones for plat.
  • Instance expires in and can be reset in 12 hours after first beasty's death.
  • But if you leave the zone, you can't get back in without a new key--even if you're still on the quest. Do not log out once you are in the zone, when you log back in you then zone out to Fens automatically. Don't enter unless you have time to finish it, at least an hour.
  • no merc allowed.
  • can remain grouped/raided for entrance.
  • the Named drop items with 16 Resolve+
  • for the stats of the named monsters see here


  1. Find the entrance
    • go to an orange portal hovering above the roof of one of the ruins in the lake where the fishmen are [loc needed] and zone into Burned Woods
  2. Slay anything of consequence...
    • Kill Toadly Blayzed (2284, 221, -1962)
      Toadly Blayzed

      Toadly Blayzed

    • Kill Enfuego (inside tower (2082, 187, -2546))


      • dropped: "a scorched treasure" which opened to [Fricasseed Plate Gauntlets]]
    • Kill the Matchstick Men trio (grouped) Lucky the Striker (Epic x3), Hot Head (Epic x3), & Roy Waller (Epic x3) wander path (1880, 134, -2479,)
      Matchstick Men trio

      Matchstick Men

    • Kill Burnt Reynolds (Epic x4) at Order of Rime camp (1079, 175, -2862)
      Burnt Reynolds

      Burnt Reynolds

    • Kill Ixiblat Fer wanders around (1611, 113, -2471)
      Ixiblat Fer

      Ixiblat Fer


  • Experience only
  • small chest from each heroic beasty with ~ 8-10p
  • \aITEM 591012121 -1137587085 0 0 0:[a scorched treasure]\/a
  • \aITEM -389392531 895806689 0 0 0:[Grilled Plate Boots]\/a
  • \aITEM 1203880232 1896291783 0 0 0:[Barbecued Plate Shoulders]\/a
  • \aITEM 1276293793 -1668125027 0 0 0:[Fricasseed Plate Gauntlets]\/a
  • \aITEM 1321866694 -1479658645 0 0 0 3 525851144:[Bracers of Fiery Impact]\/a
  • \aITEM 525851144 -1884996764 0 0 0:[Rune of Embers]\/a
  • Broiled Cloth Gauntlets

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