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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Queen's Colony
Journal Level 3 (Tier 1)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Queen's Colony more
How to Start Speak to Murrar Shar ( -15, -5, 182 ) /waypoint -15, -5, 182 in front of Myrrin's Tower.
part of: Isle of Refuge Timeline
Preceded by:
A Presence of Evil
Followed by:
Joining the Forward Ranks

What does this information mean?

This quest is part 4 of a 6-quest series in the Isle of Refuge Timeline for Qeynos-Aligned characters.

Steps Edit

  1. Report to Predator Sha'dur ( 186, 5, 110 ) /waypoint 186, 5, 110 just inside the archway leading to the The Tainted Forest.
  2. Kill tainted Sapswill tappers until you find Sha'dur's missing bow.
  3. Return Sha'dur's bow and report that you found no arrows.
  4. Harvest 3 piles of sticks (near the southeast corner of the Tainted Forest, ( 107, 2, 95 ) /waypoint 107.23, 1.59, 94.57) to find enough wood for new arrows.
  5. Take the hunting samples Sha'dur found before he scuffled with the goblins back to Murrar Shar and receive your reward.

Rewards Edit

  • At least 1s 15c

One of the following, depending on your class:


This is a good time to begin the quest line starting with Deianeira, who stands near Sha'dur.

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