Innkeeper Blerg Splinterthumb

Innkeeper Blerg Splinterthumb

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Housing
Race Troll
Zone The City of Freeport (Shattered Lands)
Location The Jade Tiger's Den ( -94, -21, -80 ) /waypoint -94, -21, -80

Related QuestsEdit

Freeport Revamp and HousingEdit

When The City of Freeport was revamped (all directional city zones were merged, updated look, all hovels like Beggar's Court were removed) this NPC was added. Any evil aligned character can get and complete this quest, as all players can now own multiple houses in EQ2.

If you prefer to officially move your character to Freeport for Roleplay or so you can use your Set Recall Point for faster travel to Freeport, a very simple, fast questline can be completed by evil-aligned characters. To begin, visit one of the following NPCs in your current home city:

If you are a good aligned character who wants to move to Freeport, you must betray your former city to move here officially. This process is far easier if you betray to Gorowyn first and then move to Freeport; this is because Gorowyn and the good-aligned cities do not harbor the same level of animosity as they have with Freeport. In other words, should you chose to betray, go to Gorowyn first and then complete the very short quest to move to Freeport as a (newly) evil-aligned character.

Items for SaleEdit

In addition to be a quest NPC, Blerg sells the following basic furniture items you can place in your house when you are ready to decorate it. Many of these items were previously found in the (now-retired) hovels with player starter homes.

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