The Inheritance Merchant, Fracture, can be found in either Freeport or Qeynos. This merchant sells unlockable Heritage Quest (HQ) rewards for zero copper. The shop inventory is the same in either city.

After completing a Heritage Quest on the Kaladim (previously Fallen Gate) Time-Locked Expansion (TLE) server, you will receive an Inheritance Voucher which is a permanent bonus that allows any character on your account (on any server) to purchase the respective heritage item an unlimited number of times.

For example, completing the Hadden's Earring quest will give a voucher to purchase the Fishbone Earring on any character in the future.

Shop InventoryEdit

All items cost 0 copper.

Bag of Sewn Evil EyeFoomby's Stolen Goods
Bag of the TinkerersThe Wondrous Inventions of a Crazed Gnome
Bone Bladed ClaymoreThe Bone Bladed Claymore
Bone-Clasped GirdleDraco Mortuus vos Liberatio
Cloak of FlamesCloak of Flames
Crested Mistmoore ShieldThe Symbol in the Flesh
Crown of King TranixThe Lost Legend of Lavastorm
Dwarven Ringmail TunicIn Honor and Service
Dwarven Work BootsThese Boots Were Made For...
Fishbone EarringHadden's Earring
Flowing Black Silk SashThe Teachings of Yoru
GhoulbaneRestoring Ghoulbane
Glowing Black StoneA Strange Black Rock
Golden Efreeti BootsSaving Soles
Greater LightstoneThe Return of the Light
Guise of the DeceiverA Missing Mask
Hierophant's CrookBy Hook or by...
Legendary Journeyman's BootsThe Journey is Half the Fun
ManastoneStiletto's Orders Intercepted
Polished Granite TomahawkAn Axe from the Past
Rain CallerCasualties of the War of the Fay
Robe of the OracleWar and Wardrobe
Scepter of RahotepAn Ancient Desert Power
Screaming MaceThe Screaming Mace
Serrated Bone DirkThe Reaching Blade of the Assassin
Shiny Brass HalberdDragoon K'Naae of the Thexians
Shiny Brass ShieldTraining is a Shield
Short Sword of the YkeshaThe Rescue of the Green Hoods
Staff of the ObserversThe Staff of the Observers
Stein of MoggokThe Stein of Moggok: It Can Be Rebuilt
The WurmslayerA Thorn of Old
Tobrin's Mystical EyepatchAn Eye for Power
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