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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Access
Journal Level 57 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The Poets Palace more
How to Start Hail the The Djinn Master on the top floor in Poet's Palace ( -25, 328, 49 ) Copy and see additional prerequisites below.
part of: Shimmering Citadel Timeline
Preceded by:
Be Careful What You Wish For
Followed by:
Capturing Day and Night
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To help you complete this quest more smoothly:


  • Once you have gotten the quest, you will be asked to recover some lost djinn vessels in the Tower of the Moon:In the Service of the Master in Maj'Dul.
  1. Enter a special instance of Tower of the Moon called Tower of the Moon:In the Service of the Master.
    • Although this is considered a solo instance, a single friend can zone in with you.
    • Only one of you can complete the quest at a time; if you both have the quest, you will have to complete it twice by zoning out and zoning back in.
  2. Kill any djinns you might need to in order to safely harvest two broken djinn bottles on the second floor.
    • If you have to clear the instance to harvest these bottles the recommended way is to invis to the top floor and start clearing from there and downwards so you avoid bringing in adds when the djinn's knockbacks toss you around.
    • If you brought company only the person harvesting the first bottle will be able to see and harvest the second bottle.
  3. When you kill the Guardian of the Tower and his friends on the top floor Mudeef, Vizier of the Tower of the Moon (Epic), a level 70x4 epic, will spawn (doesn't give AA and damages armor if you thinking of fighting him).
  4. After you have harvested the two broken djinn bottles go back up and confront Mudeef by hailing him.
    • Warning: If you choose to select "Just One more thing" he will instantly attack you and very likely kill you.
  5. Return to the The Djinn Master in The Poets Palace.