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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Access  (AA)
Journal Level 32 (Tier 4)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start Talk to Boulden Smitestone in Qeynos Harbor or Slaughtergrott the Vigilant at the docks in East Freeport
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What does this information mean?

This quest is no longer required for access to the Feerrott, but remains in game as a lore quest.


  1. Kill the Orc Cartographer( 210, 12, -75 ) /waypoint 210.46, 12, -75.12 EQ2MAP POI and his bodyguards pathing around outside near the Sullon Mines. (Currently wandering Deathfist Mines / Vallon Mines area)
  2. Hail the Orc Cartographer who is now an NPC.
  3. Kill three groups of a Tallon catapult operator outside the gates of Zek.
  4. Find and kill General Lutzgorg (level 34 with some berserker guards) found inside the Mill House ( -397, -28, -294 ) /waypoint -397.19, -28, -294.18 EQ2MAP POI.
  5. Speak to the appropriate NPC for your alignment on the docks of The Thundering Steppes.(Note - you may have to zone out and back in again in order for the NPC to spawn. You can zone out and back again easily by using one of the bells on the dock).

"With new update, This quest ends here." (No Longer true 19-07-11)

  1. Click on the bell(Voyage Through Norrath Globe) to the Feerrott and choose the instance appropriate to your alignment:
    • If you are aligned with good cities, choose the QSS Bootstrutter
    • If you aligned with evil cities, choose the LMS Intruder
  2. Once on the boat, hail the appropriate NPC for your alignment to begin the final trial for the quest.
  3. Kill each wave of attackers that appear and keep them from interrupting the spell that your NPC is casting. Usually there are 4 waves, ranging from level 33 to 34, all very weak solo encounters. There is no boss to fight. The sequence ends when the NPC finishes the spell.
  4. Hail your chosen NPC again after defeating all attackers and be transported to the Feerrott.
  5. Go to the Thundering Steppes dock and speak to Scholar Milnik to receive your item reward.


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