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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Kylong Plains
Journal Level 84 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Kylong Plains more
How to Start Speak to Battle Master Dolak at (1477, 165, -2919).
part of: Kylong Plains Timeline
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Testing the Gauntlet

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  • The grom clays which the Imperial Golems drop are chest drops, and as such, the mobs must be coloured to spawn the chests. If you are soloing, chronomentor to level 90 to ensure this.


  1. Complete the task set by Battle Master Dolak:
    • Find the Tome of Aardman! (in the lower room below the Halls of Clay (East room, not West) in a small alcove. can appear on either side. only someone with the quest will see the book) ( -106, -54, 73 ) /waypoint -106, -54, 73
    • Find 4 grom clays (kill imperial golems in the area)
    • Find 6 golem hearts (this is received by talking to Gaodon the heart keeper (NPC)) after killing his brother (Silzok Foi'zarth, named mob that paths nearby. He will drop his heart, which you must give to Gaodon.)
  2. Return to Battle Master Dolak in the Kylong Plains.


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