Imzok's Revenge

Imzok's Revenge

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) The Protector's Realm (Rise of Kunark)
Race Clay Golem
Level 84▲▲▲ Tier 9 Epic x4 , (Approx. HP: 7 million)
Location Final room in Protector's Realm
Reported Drops
Melee Attacks Crushing
Special Attacks

Revenge's Sebilisian Torrent, 45 sec recast, knock back, in 10m range will take 9K DD + 2K DoT, 10 - 75m 5K DD + 2K DoT, 15 - 75m 3.5K DD + 1K DoT

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AA Exp Yes
Status Points 16425

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To get to him, use the Sebilisian Staff of Sounding that is dropped by the previous encounter to break the barrier at entrance to the room.

The first AOE is a beast, that has to be jousted. Timing it is a bit hard because varies slightly. Bring a lot trauma cure potions because the healers won't have time to cure trauma from everyone that gets hit (and with people jousting, they might be out of range too).

Pet pull does not work because the mob cannot be attacked until someone enters room (he will auto-aggro as soon as you enter). Use a dedicated puller to pull him out of room to the tank spot (many raids use the corner where you probably killed the group before). Try to keep as many people outside the AOE range on pull as possible and debuff him fast. Be sure to use all debuffs that debuff the melee damage of him; he can hit really hard and nearly all damage is melee.

When he gets to 35%, some pillars will pop in the room where his original position was. You will get zone-wide messages for that. While these are up he will reflect all damage, so just debuff and heal at that time. The player(s) that have the Sebilisian Staff of Sounding (should be some DPS classes, no healer or other class that is needed to keep tank up during that time) should move into the room. It helps to have multiples of these staffs (they are not no-zone) because it increases your chances of destroying the pillar fast. Keep collecting them for your next tries if you cannot kill him first time.

Start using the staffs on the pillars until the pillars are destroyed, which can take some time. You will get a zone-wide message for that again. When the pillars are destroyed, finish off named and you are done with the zone.

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