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Imbuing is a crafting ability, used to improve a normal item by adding an effect to it.

Many tradeskill crafted items can be improved by Imbuing, gaining special properties such as Healing, Added Damage and Statistic Boosts.


There were 4 types of Imbuing Materials:

  • Stone - from Gemstone and Metal Ore nodes
  • Flower - from Bush and Wood nodes
  • Tooth - from Animal Den nodes
  • Scale - from Fish nodes

As of LU37, Imbue type harvests are now known simply as "material" instead of four separate types ("flower", "stone", "tooth", "scale"), simplifying bank space usage logistics. Existing flowers, teeth, and scales will not be renamed but can still be used. We will be keeping the separate pages for the old parts, but they will not be listed in the categories to avoid confusion.


Each Tier has a prefix name for all Imbuing Materials from that Tier. There are no Imbuing Materials for Tier 1 as there are no Tier 1 Imbued crafting recipes.


Imbuing Materials may be stored in stacks of 200.


Pristine crafted items can be imbued with special effects. For hex dolls, the imbuing takes place during the initial creation of the item. The effects of imbued hex dolls are as follows:

Doll Type Self Stat Increased Target Debuff
Chaos Imbued Intelligence Lowered magical mitigation
Discord Imbued Wisdom Lowered attributes
Fright Imbued Strength Slower attack rate
Ruin Imbued Stamina Lowered physical mitgation
Shadow Imbued Agility Slower movement

For all other items, imbuing happens in a second crafting step, after the pristine item is created. The effects of imbued equipment are as follows:

Slot Imbue Effect
Chest healing dot
Legs fire-based damage shield
Weapon direct magic damage
Shield fire-based damage shield
Fingers 45 second "boost" to a single stat with effect:
  • stamina - STA + in-combat HP regen increase (available in both ring and band versions)
  • inteligence - INT + disruption, focus, subjugation boost
  • wisdom - WIS + ministration, ordination, focus boost
  • strength - STR + DPS boost
  • agility - AGI + attack speed boost

Planar essences[]

Since Plane of Magic primary and ranged weapons may be imbued by planar essences which raises the experience of the items. Each Planar Level increases the base Ability Modifier, Potency and Primary Attributes by 5%.

You receive necessary essences by using the Extract Planar Essence spell on planar weapons. Weapons from Plane of Magic may be extracted to

Weapons from Blood of Luclin my be extracted to

To imbue an equipped weapon you need to use the forge inside the Soulbound Chamber. You find the entrance in Coliseum of Valor or Myrist, the Great Library.