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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category World Event  (AA)
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Steamfont Mountains more
How to Start Speak with Blantsworth Coggington III just outside Gnomeland Security Headquarters
Preceded by:
Great Balls of Fire
Followed by:
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  • The Tinkering skill is NOT required for this quest. You must have done Great Balls of Fire at least 5 times for the questgiver to offer this quest.


  1. Scribe the Tinkered Clockwork Brain Blueprints recipe (Artisan level 2) you receive, and craft five Tinkered Clockwork Brains (Tinkering skill 50).
    • Each combine requires 1 lead cluster, 2 tin clusters, and 2 Basic Coal. Produces 1-2 brains. There is a broker in the Inn if you came unprepared with materials.
    • These items can be made by someone without the Tinkering skill (the lowest level complete still produces a brain), although you won't be able to counter any events.
    • Mass Production does not help but the recipe creates 2 if you complete all four bars and both of those count toward the 5 brains required.
  2. Install five Tinkered Clockwork Brains into Erratic Tinkerfest Clockworks.
    • Target an Erratic Tinkerfest Clockwork outside of Gnomeland Security, and use the Coggington's Clockwork Incapacitator that you received. Then click the Incapacitated Erratic Tinkerfest Clockwork to Install a Brain (or right-click and choose Install the Brain). Do this quickly as they won't be incapacitated for long.
  3. After installing the last brain, lead a Cognitive Tinkerfest Clockwork back to Blantsworth Coggington III.


  • After finishing this quests 5 times total you're able to buy the following title from Myron:

Thoughtful Tips for Top-Notch Tinkerfest Times!Edit

Brain Macro

Sample "If They Only Had a Brain" Macro

  • Make a macro for targeting and incapacitating the erratic tinkerfest clockworks. You merely have to be near one, press the button, then right-click to install the new brain.
    1. Press O to open the Macros window.
    2. Find a blank macro slot and click on <click to edit>
    3. Add a Command Step: /target_nearest_npc
    4. Add a Use Item step, then drag the Coggington's Clockwork Incapacitator to it.
    5. Give your macro a title.
    6. Click OK
    7. Drag the new macro to a hotbar for easy access.

Icon gears red (Common) This article refers to events, personae and activities only accessable in-game during the annual Tinkerfest festivities that occur roughly from the end of July to early August.

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