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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone Great Divide (Destiny of Velious)
Location In the ocean, off the coast of Thurgadin Harbor, at ( 1, 387, -508 ) /waypoint +1, 387, -508

What does this information mean?


This location is a small island off the coast of Thurgadin Harbor in The Great Divide.

To travel to this location you can:

  1. Hail the Stissa, the Othmir NPC ( -1502, -214, -386 ) /waypoint -1502, -214, -386 on The Sinking Sands docks, near the giant sea turtle and ask to be sent to Velious (Great Divide, but puts you right at the Icy Fingers dock)
  1. Travel to the Great Divide using the world-travel globe found on most docks, then hail the Flight Master (griffon rider) at ( 1336, -540, 406 ) /waypoint 1336, -540, 406 on the Thurgadin dock. Ask to be sent to Icy Fingers.
  1. If you already have a flying mount you can travel to the Great Divide and fly from the docks of Thurgadin Harbor.

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