Hurricanus the Patriarch

Hurricanus the Patriarch

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Tenebrous Tangle (Kingdom of Sky)
Race Drakota
Level 74▲▲▲ Tier 8 Epic x4 , (Approx. HP: 1,800,000)
Location Breeding Grounds ( 520, -150, 520 ) /waypoint 520.00, -150.00, 520.00 Eq2map
Reported Drops
Melee Attacks Crushing
Spell Attacks Slashing, Magic, Poison
Special Attacks

Cone of Silence (frontal AOE Magic DOT/Stifle), Corrosive Stream (single target poison DD, damages weapons), Ethereal Mending (heals Hurricanus for 30,000+ HP), Hurricane Winds (AOE Magic DD/knockback), Static Discharge (AOE Magic DD)

Resistances Crushing
AA Exp Yes
Status Points 15975

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Tips on DefeatingEdit

Most raiding guilds agree that controlling Hurricanus's linked adds (the azure glider and the greater tempest drake) are one of two key points in defeating what EQ2 Raidmobs calls a truly "sassy" mob. Both linked adds are mezzable, but several raids disagree on whether or not to kill them, with quite a few reports that killing them causes them to respawn. Keep this in mind when attempting Hurricanus.

Hurricanus's Hurricane Winds AoE is by far the most devastating and the most likely to cause a raid to fold quickly if not controlled. The AoE is reported as controllable by deactivating the totem that allows it to occur. (NEED TOTEM LOCATION) Do this by using an Orb of Deactivation that can be obtained from the scaleborn breeders that spawn after a treehouse is cleared. Deactivating the totem does not consume the orb and several raiding guilds currently disagree on the value of having more than one Orb at a time, with some insisting that it is the best way to ensure success because of a mob that spawns to steal the Orb (see below) and others insisting it only wastes time getting to the final mob.

Contributors to EQ2 Raidmobs suggest the following strategy for dealing with the NPC "Liftfinger" that spawns who will try to steal the orb from you and then turn into a drake afterward. Raiders need to have "one brawler in the raid and one outside the raid, both FD at the base of the totem. Once the fight begins, the brawler in the raid deactivates the totem and then trades the orb to out-of-raid brawler. Once the Liftfinger spawns, does his thing, and turns into a drake, pass the orb back to the in-raid brawler to deactivate the totem."

It should be mentioned, that most people agree, that the described action of trading the orb to a player outside the raid is an exploit and shouldn't be done.

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