These house items function like furniture that can be placed in houses and guild halls if the item-owner has Trustee or higher access. These items transport players to zones or locations in the larger world outside of where they are placed, not to and from locations within a single zone like house or guild hall (eg. of the latter: Bag of Teleportation Pads).

  • Many players use one house they own to create a "portal hub" by placing several of these items in one room. For more on how to do this, see house portal tips and tricks.
Couldrats Portal Hub

Cloudrat's Portal Dojo on the Public Test server is both an example of excellent design and a "portal hub," using house items that transport.

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For information on how to get house portals after you own one, how to place it in a house or guild hall, and some tips and tricks for "linking" both Prestige Housing and Standard Housing, see the page about House Portals.

Finding homes with portals:
  • Housing with portals are added all the time via the Marketplace. The fastest way to see what's available there is to log into the game and check it.
  • See the For category page of prestige houses for the most up-to-date list in the wiki.

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Note: These are house item ONLY, cannot be placed in guild hall. This is NOT a bug.

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