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A hot zone is a dungeon of Norrath that is selected daily to offer a higher than normal chance of dropping Exquisite chests. Hot zones first became active in game on August 28, 2009 on servers in the European Union and on September 5, 2009 (Labor Day weekend) in the United States. Under normal circumstances there is a single hot zone per day determined by a rotation.

How do I know which zone is the hot zone?[]

The hot zone appears in the bottom right corner of the welcome screen as you enter the game. You can bring this screen up later by typing /we or /welcome_info on any chat line or by pressing CTRL + L (default key setting) while in game.

The TSO rotation[]

  1. Befallen: Necrotic Asylum
  2. The Ruins of Guk: Ykesha's Outer Stronghold
  3. Ravenscale Repository
  4. Obelisk of Ahkzul
  5. Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken
  6. The Ruins of Guk: Halls of the Fallen
  7. Veksar: The Invasion
  8. Miragul's Phylactery: The Crucible
  9. Najena's Hollow Tower
  10. Evernight Abbey
  11. Anchor of Bazzul
  12. The Deep Forge
  13. Miragul's Phylactery: The Anathema
  14. Befallen: Cavern of the Afflicted
  15. Nu'roga
  16. Mistmyr Manor
  17. Veksar: The Sunken Theater
  18. The Ruins of Guk: The Lower Corridors
  19. Miragul's Phylactery: Scion of Ice
  20. Emperor Atrebe's Laboratory: The Fabled City of Kor-sha
  21. The Palace of Ferzhul
  22. Kurn's Tower: Breaching the Void
  23. Emperor's Athenaeum

The SF rotation[]

  1. Vasty Deep: The Conservatory
  2. Vasty Deep: The Abandoned Labs
  3. Vasty Deep: The Vestigial Cella
  4. Demitrik's Bastion
  5. The Outer Vault
  6. Spirit's Resonance
  7. Library of Erudin
  8. Erudin Research Halls
  9. Royal Palace of Erudin
  10. The Vigilant: Incursion
  11. The Vigilant: Infiltration
  12. The Vigilant: Rescue

The DoV Rotation[]

  1. The Temple of Rallos Zek
  2. Iceshard Keep
  3. Tower of Frozen Shadow: Shadowed Corridors
  4. Tower of Frozen Shadow: Haunt of Syl'Tor
  5. Tower of Frozen Shadow: Umbral Halls
  6. Forgotten Pools
  7. Hold of Rime: The Fortress Spire
  8. Hold of Rime: The Ascent
  9. Throne of Storms

The Skyshrine Rotation[]

  1. Lyceum of the Recondite
  2. Lyceum of the Recondite (Challenge)
  3. Dracur Prime
  4. Dracur Prime (Challenge)
  5. Covenant District
  6. Covenant District (Challenge)
  7. Skyshrine: The Underdepths


If the rotation seems to be out of order, please dont edit this page, instead, make a note on the talk page where we can track down the new rotation.