Heroes' Festival Timeline
Recommended Levels 1 to 90
Introduced: LU53
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: see Starting Zones
Heroes' Festival Timeline [edit]
World Wide
E1. The Play's the Thing
E1. Festive Flames in Freeport
E2.1. Thumore's Absence
E2.2. Shattered Remains
E4. Missing Decorations in Freeport
E5.1. Freeport Band Aid
E5.2. Aggressive Advertising in Freeport
G1. Festive Flames in Qeynos
G2.1. Thumore's Absence
G2.2. Shattered Remains
G4. Missing Decorations in Qeynos
G5.1. Qeynos Band Aid
G5.2. Aggressive Advertising in Qeynos

The 2017 Heroes' Festival is scheduled to be active on live servers from 11/3/17 at 2:00am until 11/15/16 at 1:59pm Pacific time.

The Heroes' Festival was first introduced to commemorate the five year anniversary. It has returned each year since.

This annual live event is occurs in November each year, typically as Nights of the Dead ends. To see the exact date while in-game, click the EQ2 radial button on the bottom left of your screen and select the Calendar option from the menu.

Like other live events it offers event-themed quests, achievements, and special monsters to battle. Unlike other events, there are no event-themed tradeskill recipes, though players can buy a variety of useful armor and weapons, appearance gear, and house items from the event merchants.

New in 2017Edit


In 2017, a new mount can be purchased from event merchants


Four new house items added in 2017.

The 2017 Event and Time Locked Expansion (TLE) Servers

The event will appear on the (TLE) server, Stormhold. Due to zone access limitations the following fights are unavailable with the exception of:

  • Baelon - Eidolon Jungle
  • Roehn Theer - The Stonebrunt Highland

Unfortunately the limited content access on the Fallen Gate server means that server will not have the event

2017 Changes to the Missing in Quests

The following changes effect both the Missing Decorations in Freeport and Missing Decorations in Qeynos quests:

  • Killing gnolls now updates for the group.
  • Magical paper lanterns have more possible locations.
  • Placing magical paper lanterns now updates for the group.

The Mischeva Play-Actors and their clothwork battles are back, but now they are taking advantage of the Public Quest system!

2017 New Merchant Items
New Achievement on the Public Test server
Pink purple bovoch mount from hero fest 2017

2017 Hero's Festival Public Test Server Achievement reward. Grapes of Wrathbeast.

  • from the forum announcement: "Testers of this content will find a new achievement "Test: Mischeva's Champion" listed in the Live Events/ Heroes' Festival section. It is only available on Test!"
  • In order to complete this achievement, you can start a new character on that server, or start a Heroic character there. Once you have completed the achievement, your reward can be found in /claim, even on the Live servers.
  • A mount with Statistics Buffs and two Infusers are rewarded. Grapes of Wrathbeast (Mount)

Currency and MerchantsEdit


An example of the Heroes Fest armor (cloth), purchased with the event currency.

Unlike most Live Events, that have a single event-themed currency, Heroes' Fest rewards two types, both of which can be spent at the same merchants.

Currency Types
  1. Tokens of Heroism - the quests typically offer this currency as a reward option. The items offered for this currency are typically items used in housing.
  2. Mischeva's Tribute - these tokens are awarded for defeating the various "patchwork" bosses tied to the event achievements. This currency can be used to purchase attractive armor and weapons with stats and some appearance items.

A Heroes' Festival merchant - these merchants are found in the event hubs of both Freeport and the Qyenos Capitol District and offer the same items in both locations.

Quests and Event HubsEdit


The markers for placing event decorations is a green sparkle.

The quests are identical in both locations, so travel to the event hub that suits your alignment to begin celebrating.

Celebrators, happy to share in the festivities, can be found in:

Tips and Tricks:
  • All of the decoration locations are marked with a green sparkle that looks similar to a collection "shiny" from a distance.
  • All of the Feast decor locations will be on or near the tables.
  • If working on Festive Flames and Missing Decorations, you may have to pass by the same general areas a few times, as the refresh between setting the Ro Candle and the paper lanterns may have a considerable time gap.

Worldwide QuestsEdit


Look for Mischeva and her players in select locations to battle epic monsters.

  • The Play's the Thing - Mischeva and her band of play-actors have been seen traveling around Norrath. Where they set up camp, they bring to life the stories of Norrath's past. Travel to these locations to battle the "patchwork bosses".
  • Defeating these Heroes' Festival Named Monsters is a group effort for which everyone can earn rewards and get credit for participating.
  • Though all of the battles with the event-only monsters are difficult, players of all levels can participate in to earn Mischeva's Tribute (event currency); lower level players will just earn less currency than those closer to the level of the monsters.
  • All of the bosses are tied to the achievements for this event.
  • Look for Mischeva in the Freeport and Qeynos event hubs for each city and neat the locations for each event-only monster.
  • Once you have the quest, travel to the various locations and check for the patchwork bosses and/or communicate with other players on your server to find out where they may be active.
Festival Monsters

The "patchwork puppet" version of Trakanon.

The following pages describe the locations of each "patchwork boss" and how to travel to them:

Freeport Event HubEdit

Freeport, near the The Coalition of Tradesfolke at ( 59, -19, 84 ) /waypoint 59, -19, 84

Qeynos Event HubEdit

Qeynos Capitol District, near The Claymore Plaza at ( 297, -15, -21 ) /waypoint 297, -15, -21

Retired QuestsEdit

The following were only available in 2009:


  • Parts of the Samples of Destiny collection can be found throughout all Qeynos and Freeport.


12th Anniversary Celebration - complete 6 city quests included in the event (doing repeatable quests more than once counts).


Soe logo white EQ2i credits posts in this thread written by Kaitheel at the SOE/DBG Forums for some of the information in this article.

Mischevas-tribute This article refers to events, personae, items and activities only present in-game during the annual Heroes' Festival event. Heroes' Festival comes to Norrath for a short time, generally around the beginning of November.

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