Point of Information (POI) is a location or obejct in-game that is not a Monster, Zone or NPC. It could be an old ruins, a bridge, a rock you need to click on or just about anything. A POI usually has some relation to at least one quest.

  • Zone - The name of the zone the POI is in and, in parentheses, the Expansion, Adventure Pack or Live Update the POI was introduced in.
  • Location - A description of how to find it and, in parentheses, the /loc co-ordinates of the POI (if available!)
  • EQ2MAP - An external link to EQ2MAP (the EverQuest 2 Modular Atlas Project), if available. If this space says "No UID!" then the link will not work. If you know the UID please edit the POI page and add it!
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