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See Also: Harvesting for an overview of this game play activity. See the page for A Gathering Obsession Timeline for the harvesting-themed signature quest series.

Zones (By Harvestable Tier)[]

Minimum skill was removed for harvesting in Nov. 2013. Players can now gather materials in any zone regardless of skill level. The only benefits to leveling skill is an increase in the chance to harvest a rare, since you need the minimum skill of that tier to harvest a rare of that tier at all and to "fail" to harvest.

Tier Minimum Skill[1] Trivial Skill Zones
Tier 1 1 32 Greater Faydark (The Nursery and main areas)[2]; Darklight Wood (east)[2]; Timorous Deep (Chrykori Isle and Gorowyn's island)[2]; The Forest Ruins; The Caves; Oakmyst Forest; The Peat Bog; The Ruins; The Graveyard; Sunken City; The Sprawl; Frostfang Sea[2]
Tier 2 20 95 Antonica; The Commonlands; Greater Faydark (east)[2], Darklight Wood (west)[2]; Timorous Deep (Mok Rent's island)[2]; Frostfang Sea[2]
Tier 3 90 152 The Thundering Steppes; Nektulos Forest; Zarvonn's Tower; Firemyst Gulley; Butcherblock Mountains
Tier 4 140 221 Enchanted Lands; Zek, the Orcish Wastes; Cove of Decay; Steamfont Mountains (north and west)[2]
Tier 5 190 278 Lavastorm; Everfrost; Rivervale; The Feerrott; Steamfont Mountains (south and east)[2]
Tier 6 240 334 The Sinking Sands; The Pillars of Flame; The Lesser Faydark
Tier 7 See Zones 397 Tenebrous Tangle (250); The Barren Sky (250); The Bonemire (240); Loping Plains (240)
Tier 8 340 410 Kylong Plains; Fens of Nathsar; Kunzar Jungle; Jarsath Wastes; Moors of Ykesha
Tier 9 See Zones 473 The Sundered Frontier (375); The Stonebrunt Highlands (375); The Hole (375); Great Divide (400); Eastern Wastes (400)
Tier 10 425 460 The Withered Lands; The Eidolon Jungle; Obol Plains; Cobalt Scar
Tier 10-11 425 460 Tranquil Sea; Phantom Sea
Tier 11 475 500 Thalumbra, the Ever Deep
Tier 12 500 550 Plane of Magic; Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands; Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind; Doomfire, the Burning Lands
Tier 13 600 650 The Blinding; Aurelian Coast; Wracklands; Echo Caverns; Savage Weald; Shadeweaver's Thicket


[1] The minimum skill required to be able to harvest rares.
[2] Some zones contain resource nodes for more than one tier.

Harvesting Quests and AA[]

  • A few quests have been added to the game that help players understand which zones to visit to gather (harvest) materials and to increase skills. Because the quests are tied to crafting, see the Tradeskill Timeline for quests aimed at improving these skills.
  • A Gathering Obsession Timeline is the gathering-themed signature quest series. The first series culminates in the award, Cloak of the Harvester, which improves both the chance to harvest rare materials of high value and more. The series continues into a signature quest series which awards a "pack pony" (spell) that can be "sent" out to gather materials for its owner every few hours.
  • Players heavily invested in tradeskills and harvesting are wise to gain positive faction with the Far Seas Supply Division (Faction). If you follow the Tradeskill Timeline you will encounter this faction in Butcherblock for the first time and continue to meet their represntatives throughout the progression of your trade if you take up quests to increase your tradeskill levels and purchase special gear sold only by their merchants for Far Seas Trading Company Token that can aid you in gathering materials more efficiently, like the Pack Unicorn (mount).
  • Tradeskill Alternate Advancement (Tradeskill AA) was added to benefit harvesting skills as well. Press L to open the AA window and you will see several tabs relating to tradeskills. The AA skills there can be used to increase the chance to harvest rares, to harvest more materials per try, and so on.

Shadow Harvesting[]

This new type of Harvesting was introduced with Blood of Luclin. To see these nodes you need to have a special "shadow"-buff, which enables you to see such nodes. There are two "items" available, which can cast this "Shadow"-Buff:

Following new Harvestable are now availabl:

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