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*[[Steamfont Mountains]] south & east - [[Great Gear]], [[Dragonscale Hills]] and [[Steamfont Wetlands]]
== Harvestables ==
== Harvestables ==

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Artisan Level Range: 30-39
Reccomended Minimum Adventurer Level of Harvesting Zones: 28
Minimum Harvesting Skill Required: 190



Node Type Node Names Common Resource Rare Resource
Animal Den manticore den, dire wolf den strengthened leather (Hide), wyrm meat & owlbear meat (Meat) augmented leather (Rare Hide), luminous tooth (Imbuing Material)
Bushes Garden pu-erh tea leaf, white peach, browncap mushroom & lavastorm robusta bean (Foodstuffs) luminous flower (Imbuing Material)
Fish school of fish nerius trout & cauldron blowfish (Fish) luminous scale (Imbuing Material)
Gemstone hermetic stone, lithic stone rough bloodstone (Gem), diamondine cluster (Soft Metal) rough ruby (Rare Gem), rhodium cluster (Rare Soft Metal), luminous stone (Imbuing Material)
Metal Ore alluvium ore, sedimentary ore bonded loam (Loam), fulginate cluster (Hard Metal) fused loam (Rare Loam), ebon cluster (Rare Hard Metal), luminous stone (Imbuing Material)
Roots musty roots, insidious roots ashen root (Roots) figwart root (Rare Roots), luminous flower (Imbuing Material)
Wood putrid arbor, corrupted arbor severed teak (Wood) severed cedar (Rare Wood), luminous flower (Imbuing Material)

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