Ranges Edit

Artisan Level Range: 40-49
Reccomended Minimum Adventurer Level of Harvesting Zones: 38
Minimum Harvesting Skill Required: 190
Trivial Score (Maximum Skill Gain Possible): 275

Zones Edit

Harvestables Edit

TierNode TypeCommon ResourcesRare Resources
Tier 5
Bushes pu-erh tea leaf, white peach, browncap mushroom, lavastorm robusta bean elixia pepper, figwart root
Dens strengthened leather pelt, wyrm meat, owlbear meat augmented leather pelt
Fish nerius trout, cauldron blowfish none
Gemstones rough bloodstone, diamondine cluster rough ruby, rhodium cluster
Metal Ore bonded loam, fulginate cluster fused loam, ebon cluster
Roots ashen root figwart root
Wood severed teak severed cedar
All Imbue: luminous material

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