Artisan Level Range: 1-9
Reccomended Minimum Adventurer Level of Harvesting Zones: 3
Minimum Harvesting Skill Required: 1


Queen's Colony, Outpost of the Overlord, Greater Faydark (Nursery, central area) & and all City noob zones


Node Type Node Names Common Resource Rare Resource
Animal Den Creature Den (Graveyard), Rodent Den (Greater Faydark) rawhide (Hide), deer meat & turtle meat (Meat) Waxed Hide (Rare Hide)
Bushes Ravaged Natural Garden (Graveyard) raw white tea leaf, jum jum, baubleshire cabbage & black coffee bean (Foodstuffs) none
Fish Collection of Fish (Sunken City), School of Fish (Greater Faydark) sunfish & frog leg (Fish), none
Edible Fish school of emerald trout (Greater Faydark) emerald trout (Food, 15min), This is a special node, found only in Greater Faydark, that yields level 10 food with a duration of 15 mins.
Gemstone Exhumed Stones (Graveyard), Eroded Stone (Sunken City), Crumbled Stones (Greater Faydark) rough malachite (Gem), lead cluster (Soft Metal) Rough Lapis Lazuli (Rare Gem), Copper Cluster (Rare Soft Metal)
Metal Ore Dismal Ore (Graveyard),Cruddy Ore (Sunken City) leaded loam (Loam), tin cluster (Hard Metal) Solidified Loam (Rare Loam), Bronze Cluster (Rare Hard Metal)
Roots Moldy Roots (Graveyard), Stale Roots (Sunken City), Growing Roots (Greater Faydark) root (Roots) Yarrow Root (Rare Roots)
Wood Withered Arbor (Graveyard), Decomposed Arbor (Sunken City), Fallen Branch, (Greater Faydark) severed elm (Wood) Severed Alder (Rare Wood)
  • NOTE: Due to the large number of zones in this tier, only a few representative node names are given, with the zone they were noted in.

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