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The table below details all the harvestable items currently in game. For more information about harvesting itself, including information on how to harvest, see Harvesting.


The following harvests are missing from this table: Etherwood lumber, Shadebark, Shadowstone ore, Shadeweave root, Shadow quartz, leathery shadeleaf, luclinite nodule, Stormthorn.

Tier Node Type Common Resources Rare Resources
Tier 1
Bushes raw white tea leaf, jumjum, baubbleshire cabbage, black coffee bean dreadberry, yarrow
Dens rawhide leather pelt, deer meat waxed leather pelt
Fish sunfish, frog leg none
Gemstones rough malachite, lead cluster rough lapis lazuli, copper cluster
Metal Ore leaded loam, tin cluster solidified loam, bronze cluster
Roots root yarrow
Wood severed elm severed alder
Tier 2
Bushes raw black tea leaf, murdunk orange, raw carrot, antonican coffee bean fire melon, sisal root
Dens tanned leather pelt, vulrich meat & elephant meat cured leather pelt
Fish freewater grouper, raw crab meat none
Gemstones rough turquoise, electrum cluster rough coral, silver cluster
Metal Ore salty loam, iron cluster alkaline loam, blackened iron cluster
Roots Tuber Strand sisal root
Wood severed maple severed bone
All Imbue: glowing material
Tier 3
Bushes oolong tea leaf, fayberry, sweet onion, steppes mountain bean halcyon plum, dandelion fiber
Dens boiled leather pelt, lion meat, pig meat cuirboilli leather pelt
Fish seafury mackerel, thicket crayfish none
Gemstones rough agate, gold cluster rough jasper, palladium cluster
Metal Ore pliant loam, carbonite cluster malleable loam, steel cluster
Roots belladonna root dandelion fiber
Wood severed ash Severed Fir
All Imbue: sparkling material
Tier 4
Bushes green tea leaf, wild apple, cucumber, everfrost ice bean rockbud fruit, oak root
Dens etched leather pelt, bear meat, griffon meat engraved leather pelt
Fish murkwater carp, shark fin none
Gemstones rough opaline, velium cluster rough opal, ruthenium cluster
Metal Ore supple loam, feyiron cluster ductile loam, feysteel cluster
Roots tussah root oak root
Wood severed briarwood severed oak
All Imbue: glimmering material
Tier 5
Bushes pu-erh tea leaf, white peach, browncap mushroom, lavastorm robusta bean elixia pepper, figwart root
Dens strengthened leather pelt, wyrm meat, owlbear meat augmented leather pelt
Fish nerius trout, cauldron blowfish none
Gemstones rough bloodstone, diamondine cluster rough ruby, rhodium cluster
Metal Ore bonded loam, fulginate cluster fused loam, ebon cluster
Roots ashen root figwart root
Wood severed teak severed cedar
All Imbue: luminous material
Tier 6
Bushes darjeeling tea leaf, prickly pear, artichoke, maj'dul coffee bean ireheart radish, saguaro root
Dens stonehide leather pelt, sabertooth meat, caiman meat scaled leather pelt
Fish conger eel, tiger shrimp none
Gemstones rough nacre, beryllium cluster rough pearl, vanadium cluster
Metal Ore soluble loam, indium cluster alkali loam, cobalt cluster
Roots succulent root saguaro root
Wood severed sandalwood severed ironwood
All Imbue: lambent material
Tier 7
Bushes xegonberry, squash, soaring coffee bean, sweet chai tea leaf bristleskin gourd, nimbus root
Dens horned leather pelt, aviak meat, ravasect meat dragonhide leather pelt
Fish flying fish none
Gemstones rough topaz, azurite cluster rough moonstone, acrylia cluster
Metal Ore porous loam, adamantine cluster spongy loam, xegonite cluster
Roots hanging root nimbus root
Wood rough lumbered rosewood rough lumbered ebony
All Imbue: scintillating material
Tier 8
Bushes torsis tea leaf,raw cranberry, raw succulent petal, cabilis cocoa bean blood orange, mantrap root
Dens [1] bristled pelt hidebound pelt
Fish barracuda, king prawn none
Gemstones deklium cluster, rough kunzite tynnonium cluster, rough fire emerald
Metal Ore ferrite cluster, mineral salt loam incarnadine cluster, silicate loam
Roots lichenclover root mantrap root
Wood redwood lumber mahogany lumber
All Imbue: smoldering material
Notes [1] There is no Tier 8 meat.

Tier 9
Bushes caynar nut, lapsang tea leaf, marr cherry, kejekan palmfruit greenroot tuber, toxnettle root
Dens [2] mottled pelt spotted pelt
Fish giant octopus meat, seahorse roe none
Gemstones quicksilver cluster, amber kaborite cluster, ulteran diamond
Metal Ore [3] titanium ore brellium ore
Roots bamboo shoot toxnettle root
Wood sumac lumber eucalyptus lumber
All Imbue: ethereal material
Notes [2] There is no Tier 9 meat.
[3] There is no loam from Tier 9 onwards.

Tier 10
Bushes aduki bean, ripe mangosteen, plump lychee, white peony tea leaf ashenbone clover, banyan root
Dens thick bear pelt, panther meat, raptor meat metallic reptile hide
Fish cutthroat trout, plump haddock none
Gemstones iridium cluster, amethyst osmium cluster, black star sapphire
Metal Ore rhenium ore tungsten ore
Roots matoppie roots banyan root
Wood swamp ash lumber bubinga lumber
All Imbue: effulgent material
Tier 10-11
Bushes hylocereus fruit, sulfur fruit, kith peppers, handama leaf battle plantain
Dens stringy meat, ragged leathery hide pristine leathery hide
Fish fresh thresher fin none
Gemstones iodocus cluster, uncut tourmaline lumium cluster, sapphire bixbite
Metal Ore cadmium ore carbide ore
Roots leonid root hiven root
Wood larix lumber araucaria lumber
All Imbue: incandescent material
Tier 11
Bushes fruticose lichen, fruiting sporangium, mycelial tendrils, wild tempeh battle plantain, victornut
Dens Abyssal pelt umbral pelt
Fish abyssal angler, umbral trout none
Gemstones bornite nodule, umbrite arcannium, lumicite
Metal Ore splitiron ore glittervein ore
Roots Thalumbral root Deepstone root
Wood Malduran lumber Petrified lumber
All Imbue: thaumic material
Tier 12
Bushes deadly mushroom, rock fern, storm stalk matron's heart
Dens plumewit hide, greatmole meat cnidcara hide
Fish nightmare cichlid none
Gemstones golden ember darkstone
Metal Ore etherium rubicite ore
Roots storm stalk strand of ether
Wood gnarled entwood storm ent heartwood
All Planar Energy
Tier 12
Bushes wandervine fruit, deadly terrorfruit, strangler root Judicator Palm Heart
Dens nimbic hide, basilisk meat Needlescale Hide
Fish flitterfin tang none
Gemstones reef cluster Azure Sapphire
Metal Ore silvered fleck Golden Fleck
Roots strangler root Casiun Root
Wood dewpalm lumber Arborian Wedge
All Planar Energy
Tier 13
Bushes Radiant Algae, Lunar Mushroom, Slow Creeping Root Radiant Pome, Shrieking Mushroom, Jumping Creeper
Dens Hardened Zelniak Pelt, Rockhopper Meat Lustrous Rockhopper Hide, Zelniak Steak
Fish Splitfin Dartfish Lantern Hogfish
Gemstones Humming Azurite Humming Sapphire Gem
Metal Ore Luclizite Cluster Primal Luclizite Shard
Roots Slow Creeping Root Jumping Creeper
Wood Hornbeam Spruce Log Wracked Wood Wedge
All Planar Energy


With LU37 all imbuing items became just "materials". For instance, Glowing Flowers are now glowing material. The icon for imbuing materials are the per-tier icons that were used for the Stones. Stones in your inventory have been renamed. Older Flowers, Scales, and Teeth have not been renamed, but they can still be used.

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