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== Instances ==
== Instances ==
*[[The Halls of Fate]]
*[[The Halls of Fate]]
*[[Laboratory of Lord Vyemm]]
*[[The Laboratory of Lord Vyemm]]
== Quests ==
== Quests ==
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*[[a Doomwing marauder|a Doomwing marauder]]
*[[a Doomwing marauder]]
*[[a Doomwing excavator|a Doomwing excavator]]
*[[a Doomwing excavator]]
*[[a Doomwing agent|a Doomwing agent]]
*[[a Doomwing agent]]
*[[a Doomwing dragonspawn|a Doomwing dragonspawn]] (sees invis)
*[[a Doomwing dragonspawn]] (sees invis)
*[[a Doomwing lookout|a Doomwing lookout]]
*[[a Doomwing lookout]]
*[[a Doomwing warrior|a Doomwing warrior]]
*[[a Doomwing warrior]]
*[[a Doomwing soldier|a Doomwing soldier]]
*[[a Doomwing soldier]]
*[[a Doomwing destroyer|a Doomwing destroyer]]
*[[a Doomwing destroyer]]
*[[a Doomwing raider|a Doomwing raider]]
*[[a Doomwing raider]]

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Island Information

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EverQuest II Kingdom of Sky Island Information
Level Range 65+
Zone The Bonemire (Kingdom of Sky)
Arriving Clouds Drednever Crash Site, Shattered Weir at ( -317, 342, -50 )
Departing Clouds Drednever Crash Site, Shattered Weir at ( -317, 342, -50 )

What does this information mean?

Five small islands connected with bridges:

  • East: Cloud access
  • West:
  • North:
  • South East: Calling Pool
  • South West:

A lot of Doomwings.



Named Monsters




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