Introduction[edit | edit source]

City Merchant items are those available for purchase from NPCs tagged <City Merchant>, which exist in pairs in the main city zones. One city merchant is the "durables" merchant, selling traditional items like furniture and nobility titles. The second city merchant is the "consumables" merchant which sells useable items such as Signets and some food and drink.

The list below is for items available in New Halas from Mirva Kilgour ( 82, 153, -160 ) /waypoint 82, 153, -160

See City Merchant Consumable Items for consumable items.

KEY: [H #] denotes a house item (furniture), where # is the status reduction. [T] denotes that a furniture item can be used for tradeskills/crafting purposes. [C] denotes clothing. An accompanying [M] or [F] denotes that the item can only be purchased by characters of the appropriate sex. The amounts right of the key is the cost.

Durable Items[edit | edit source]

Housewares[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

  • a desktop mirror [H 32] (12s 4c 670 status)
  • a gnomish distillery [H 34] (3g 28s 9c 17937 status)
  • a granite pedestal [H 33] (1g 11s 73c 6109 status)
  • a harp of jealousy [H 46] (29g 40s 43c 164117 status)
  • a pool of divinity [H 72] (29p 9g 76s 166764c)
  • a ruubika's cryptic cube [H 28] (12s 5c 687 status)
  • a steamfont distillery [H 39] (3g 27s 11c 17807 status)
  • an anomalous vase [H 34] (1g 7s 6041 status)
  • an elddar cooking stove [H 68] (28g 99s 80c 165740 status)
  • an ornate basin [H 31] (36s 94c 2071 status)
  • elaborate dragon statue [H 500] (8p 40g 7020100 status)
  • elaborate pedestal [H 50] (74g 40s 630000 status)
  • Magic Door to the Guild Hall [H] (30g 100000 status)
  • Norrathian Express Box [H 171] (12g 29s 74c 68127 status)
  • Statue of Trakanon [H 500] (6p 5490100 status)

Paintings[edit | edit source]

Tradeskill[edit | edit source]

Clothing[edit | edit source]

  • female tradesman boots [C][F] (5s 87c 330 status)
  • male tradesman boots [C][M] (5s 87c 330 status)
  • female tradesman gloves [C][F] (5s 90c 341 status)
  • male tradesman gloves [C][M] (5s 90c 341 status)
  • female tradesman pants [C][F] (11s 71c 653 status)
  • male tradesman pants [C][M] (11s 71c 653 status)
  • female tradesman tunic [C][F] (24s 13c 1363 status)
  • male tradesman tunic [C][M] (24s 13c 1363 status)

  • exquisite woven boots [C] (11s 87c 658 status)
  • exquisite woven pants [C] (24s 53c 1313 status)
  • exquisite woven shoulder pads [C] (11s 72c 667 status)
  • exquisite woven tunic [C] (47s 83c 2604 status)
  • exquisitely stitched robe [C] (1g 92s 38c 10624 status)

  • striking woven boots [C] (12s 7c 660 status)
  • striking woven pants [C] (23s 92c 1310 status)
  • striking woven shoulder pads [C] (1g 19s 82c 656 status)
  • striking woven tunic [C] (46s 96c 2682 status)

  • luminous vanguard barbute [C] (2g 12s 51c 12218 status)
  • luminous vanguard curiass [C] (3g 57s 74c 19567 status)
  • luminous vanguard gauntlets [C] (72s 17c 4048 status)
  • luminous vanguard greaves [C] (2g 87s 94c 16330 status)
  • luminous vanguard gussets [C] (70s 93c 4033 status)
  • luminous vanguard sabatons [C] (72s 24c 4099 status)
  • luminous vanguard spaulders [C] (79s 66c 3948 status)

  • polished parade barbute [C] (2g 14s 99c 12295 status)
  • polished parade cuirass [C] (3g 66s 68c 19601 status)
  • polished parade guantlets [C] (73s 38c 3901 status)
  • polished parade greaves [C] (2g 89s 74c 15721 status)
  • polished parade gussets [C] (70s 26c 4070 status)
  • polished parade sabatons [C] (70s 25c 3970 status)
  • polished parade spaulders [C] (73s 56c 4005 status)

  • a dragon fastened robe [C] (2g 89s 66c 15722 status)

Titles[edit | edit source]

  • Ulteran Cartographer (3p 60g 3862150 status)
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