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Haladan Moonrunner

Haladan Moonrunner

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Miragul's Planar Shard (LU53)
Race Barbarian
Level 86▲▲▲ Tier 9 Epic x4 , (Approx. HP: 40,000,000)
Location at The Frigid Realms
Reported Drops
AA Exp Yes
Status Points unknown

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When both Haladan Moonrunner (40,000,000 HP) and Tuskers (26,500,000 HP) reach 25% they will clear all DoTs and offer to surrender. To complete the encounter, stop attacking them and they will despawn, leaving a chest behind. If you continue to attack them they will be replaced by Haladan Enraged (43,000,000 HP) and an Tuskers Enraged (29,000,000 HP). They both start at 100% and are significantly tougher but also have a better loot table. If you're going to try the hard mode version, prepare for 140,000,000 HP for the whole encounter. Haladan will periodically spawn a mob of wolves that will attack any group members that keep distance. Tank will need to grab there or group members can bring the trash mobs to the tank. These mobs don't have a lot of HP and typically can be dealt with without involving tank.

If you got to the surrender part once you can spawn Haladan Enraged directly by right clicking on Haladan Moonrunner. This option is only possible after the surrender part if you didn't accept his offer and it's only possible in the current zone (zoneing out and reseting the time will reset this option too)

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