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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Heritage  (AA)
Journal Level 30 (Tier 4)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The Thundering Steppes more
How to Start Speak with Kerath McMarrin in The Thundering Steppes ( -467, -18, -447 ) /waypoint -467, -18, -447
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  • You must be level 25+ in order to be offered this quest.

Required Access Quest

At least one person must have completed The Everling Lockets access quest in order to to open all the doors to get to Lord Everling. You can do the access quest on your way to Everling while you're there.


  1. Hrath's Journal will tell you to find the Tower of Vhalen in Antonica ( -1300, 38, 45 ) /waypoint -1300, 38, 45. The closest zone-in point is the Wizard Spire. Head South West from there.
  2. Go to Nektulos Forest and swim upstream in the Torrent river until you reach ( 465, -3, -1289 ) /waypoint 465, -3, -1289, a bend in the river south of the falls. Can also be updated at the entrance to Commonlands, near the bridge ( -185, -2, 136 ) /waypoint -185, -2, 136 -- Another update location is ( -212, -3, -668 ) /waypoint -212, -3, -668 which is just west of the Wizard Spires.
  3. Go to the ocean on the north side of the The Commonlands and swim unil you reach ( -858, -199, -987 ) /waypoint -858.43, -198.53, -986.63, a dragon skeleton at the bottom of the ocean.
  4. Go back to The Thundering Steppes, to the west coast, and swim past the sirens to ( 1647, -44, 128 ) /waypoint 1647, -44, 128. Look for the front of the ship and go to the part near the broken stairs. When you get close an enraged octopus will try to eat you. You will pass sirens. If you pass the wraiths, you've gone too far.
    • Note: It is not necessary to kill the octopus.
  5. Next you must kill Maltus Everling in Nektropos Castle. Lord Everling is level 36^^^ heroic.
  6. In the Ruins of Varsoon you need to find and kill Hrath T'vol ( 294, 0, 61 ) /waypoint 294, 0, 61, who is level 32^^^ heroic in the Sorcerer's Workshop.
    • NOTE: He is in the side room to the left. When you go near to the side room he will charge you and start attacking - make sure you clear the main room FIRST! This room is also a three stage ring event, be ready.
  7. Return to Kerath McMarrin.
  8. Next you will go to find and kill Captain Krieger in Thundering Steppes at ( -129, -25, -1047 ) /waypoint -129, -25, -1047, who is level 33^^^ heroic.
    • NOTE: He does not show up as hostile, however, when you approach he will start attacking.
  9. Return to Kerath McMarrin for your reward.


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