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Raids are given as a reward for achieving guild levels and are intended as a training ground for new raiders. Each raid is Group x2, and will scale according to the higest level character in your raid. In order to advance to the second raid, you must complete the first. To get to the third, you must complete the second, etc. After completing all five new raids, you will be able to do them in any order. Not all members in the raid need be of the same guild.


The choices seen for guild writ raids when all raids have been unlocked.

The raids are designed as follows:

Rewards for defeating the bosses within each raid will vary based on your level range. Up to level 50, you will receive rare harvestable items, recipe books, and spell scrolls. At level 50, 60, and 70 molds and patterns may drop off boss creatures.These patterns will be for very light, light, medium, or heavy armor. Examining the patterns will give you a quest, and upon turning it in to a Quartermaster, you will receive a piece of armor. To begin, get two groups together into a raid and speak with the City Registrar Glamis( -84, -37, -2 ) /waypoint -84, -37, -2 in East Freeport or Royal Accountant Fowler in South Qeynos (563, -10, 164). This raid will scale to the lowest level that the groups are mentored down to, so make the proper adjustments to the raid level prior to clicking on the door and porting into the instance. Have the group member with the wanted quest, whether that be the first in the series or the third, be the one to click on the door to port your raid members into the wanted zone.

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