EverQuest 2 Guild Information
Guild Outlaws
Server Halls of Fate
Level 300
Formed June 29,2008
Total Members 2,754
Total Accounts 1123
Peak Playing Time Raid schedules are on "EST", Weekends and Afternoon/Evenings
Guild Hall North Freeport T2

Outlaws Guild Rank Structure[edit | edit source]

Officer Ranks[edit | edit source]

Boss (Founder), Head Honcho (Appointed Position), Outlaw Council (Elected Position)

Member Ranks[edit | edit source]

Outlaw (500K or Meritorious Promotion), Raider (Status Promotion, 250K), Marauder (Status Promotion, 150K), Highwayman (Status Promotion 50K), Bandit Recruit

Guild Information[edit | edit source]

History of Outlaws 

Outlaws was founded in 2008 by Meilay and a few loyal followers. Since it's conception, Outlaws has grown from 6 accounts (2 of which were being boxed) to over 100 accounts and over 200 characters that proudly display the Outlaws guild tag.

Meilay founded Outlaws on the principle that any player should be able to advance his or her character to the level that they desire, and not be hindered by the fact that not all players can dedicate 24/7 to playing Everquest. It is because of this principle that Outlaws DOES NOT use a DKP system for awards, and players that attend Outlaws functions have an equal opportunity to aquire equipment.

Outlaws is run by the "Boss", "Right Hand Man" and the "Outlaw Council", though imput is sought from anyone in the "Outlaw" rank when guild decisions are going to be voted on. The "Outlaw Council" convenes about every other month to decide how well the guild is progressing, and where the guild's direction should focus.

Outlaws does not openly recruit members, Outlaw's members are invited by characters/players demonstrating the qualities and ability that Outlaws is looking for. Sometimes, outsiders are given a chance at becoming an Outlaw, but only after they have grouped or raided with the Outlaws team. This is done to see how well the outsider well mesh within the Outlaw's ranks with regard to play ability and more importantly player personality.

Outlaws Code of Conduct 

Outlaws are held to high standard, and as such have a code of conduct that regulates the guild.

1- Outlaws does not permit drama. Any drama created in game will result in expulsion from the guild. Drama takes away from the fun and enjoyment of the Outlaws player base, and as such should not be present in game. If Outlaws team members have issues within the guild they will be forwarded to an Outlaw council member for review and, if needed, the council will convene to decide judgement or action. Any Outlaws guild member found to create (unnessasary) drama that falls within the unacceptable range of guild behavior will be expelled from the guild. *** As Everquest is a "role-playing" game, it is understood that some levels of drama are acceptable, unacceptable behavior is that which causes turmoil within the guild or playing community.

2- Outlaws help other Outlaws. If an Outlaw team member requests help, the other team members that are availabel should make an effort to help that member. After all, Outlaws is only as strong as it's weakest member, and thus we should all strive to help each other advance. There are advancements and accomplishments that each Outlaw should attempt to undertake alone, this only makes you a stronger player, but when the time comes for group or raid assistance, let the guild know so that the guild can help.

3- Outlaws does not mandate players to attend functions. Outlaws is based around the ideal that not all players can dedicate the same time to Everquest as others can. Any Outlaw present for a raid or event is always invited, and missing raids or events will never penalize a player. Outlaws does not use a DKP system, and as such all Outlaws present have the same opportunities to aquire equipment. However, the more attendance you have, the more skillful you will become and help the guild that much more.

4- Outlaws does not require a "tithe" or contibution for being a member. Outlaws funds the guild hall, and ammenities by raiding and selling items that Outlaws members can not use. Outlaws members that have the means, and desire to contribute are welcome to do so, by depositing coins and status into the guild bank, or escrow at the guild hall.

5- Outlaws are welcome to use whatever resources are available in the guild hall and guild bank. This ONLY applies to characters that wear the Outlaws colors, a team member MAY NOT use funds or equipment taken from the guild hall or guild bank for a NON outlaw character. Violators of this policy will be expelled from the guild without prejudice.

6- Boss' final rule- Everyone will have fun, afterall this is only a game and should NOT be treated like a second (or third) job. Log on, chat with your friends and fellow guild members and above all have a good time, be it at raids or zones or just mulling around in the guild hall.

Guild Direction 

Outlaws' as a guild will continue to demonstrate excellence in the field of play after the release of Destiny of Velious. The guild's primary goals will be:

All team members leveling their character to level 90/ 300 AA Completing the ToFSx2 access quests Completing ALL DoV Easy Mode Content (completed on 7/28/2011) Completing ALL DoV Mard Mode Content (Began on 08/04/2011)

Raid Progression 

Clearing Tower of Forgotten Shadows (ToFS x2) and all Easy Mode DoV x4 Content. Hardmode DoV x4 content began on 08/04/2011 with the successful downing of 2 nameds in Halls of Legends. (See eq2guildprogress.com) for more details on progression.

      • Outlaws Main Raid Team (MRT) raids three days a week, Tues/ Thurs/ and Sat. (formed on DoV release)
      • Outlaws Secondary Raid Team (SRT) raids two days a week Mon/ Wed. (Formed 08/2011)

Outlaws does not regularly recruit in chat channels. Those that have grouped or raided with us understand the level of gameplay and sportsmanship we bring to the game, and if they want to be a part of the Outlaws team, simply send a tell to an officer online.


Gear: No requirement, as gear can be won or bought this is of little concern to the Outlaws team as a whole. Well geared characters will simply have less work ahead of them. (RAIDING MEMBERS DO HAVE CERTAIN RAID REQUIREMENTS LISTED IN OUR RAID RULES)

Achievements: No requirement, again with time, a character will develop the nessasary AA points and skills needed to be a successful Outlaws team member. (RAIDING MEMBERS DO HAVE CERTAIN RAID REQUIREMENTS LISTED IN OUR RAID RULES)

Attitude: This IS everything, we only take players who have demonstrated the good qualities we look for in a player, personality goes a long way, as a player MUST be able to "get along" with the other team members. As well, all Outlaws wear guild colors and the actions of one reflect on the guild as a whole, for the Good or for the Bad.

Interested characters should send a tell to any Outlaws officer, and then will be asked a few background questions, and why they want to be an Outlaw. Then unless they have already been a member of a group or raid and are endorsed by an existing team member, will be invited to a group to see how well they "mesh" with the guild. Following the "interview" process the candidate will then be invited to the guild and granted all the privledges shared by the Outlaws team.

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