EverQuest 2 Guild Information
Guild Mithril website
Server Everfrost
Level 90
Formed 10/27/2005
Total Members 196
Total Accounts 74
Peak Playing Time 7PM to 1AM Eastern
Guild Hall Antonica


  1. Mithril is a weekend-raiding guild located on the Everfrost server.
  2. Our members hail from several countries including the US, Canada, UK, Poland and Norway.
  3. A majority of our members play nights and weekends, usually 3pm to 12am all North American time zones.


Quite a few of our members love to group, but there is no pressure to do so. We group for:

  1. Instances
  2. Heritage Quests
  3. Normal Questing
  4. Grinding


Since we are a soft-core raiding guild, there is no pressure to raid.

  1. Raid times are 8pm to 11am Eastern on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  2. We raid the latest content in the game
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