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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Castle Highhold (Solo) (Altar of Malice)
Race Human
Level 100▲ Tier 11 Heroic
Location Castle Highhold, Final room
Reported Drops
AA Exp Yes
Status Points 5500

What does this information mean?

This is the final named mob in the Castle Highhold zone.

He is an extremely long and slow fight. He has a great deal of damage, with cleave and a 'pelican' attack. He has no ranged abilities however.

Possible strategy (solo zone):

Conjurer/Pally Merc combo: It is not necessary to set all the tapestries on fire. Have your merc and pet tank Gudrie Blackhand and whenever he speaks, click on him (a hand icon will appear) this will disarm him and weaken him. Whenever you are set on fire, click a tapestry then go back to disarming him while your merc and pet do the work. When he dies the grimlings no longer attack and an Ornate Chest appears.

Use a healer merc on heal only, and auto-attack only. When kiting make sure the healer merc stays far away from the named as AOE attacks will kill him.

Kite and constantly root the mob around the room (only roots will work). When you see the message saying you combusted, click one of the tapestry ropes to kill the grimling above. Repeat this until all are done, kiting/auto-attacking him between fire incidents. After the last grimling is dead just auto-attack him to death.

If using a Templar with a Veteran Paladin Merc - as above - stay out of range heal, buff and pull the tapestry ropes, the Merc will keep him rooted.

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