Everfrost - Guardian's Gulch

Guardian's Gulch

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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone Everfrost (Shattered Lands)
Location Between the ShiverFang Caves and the Kromise Caves ( -412, -37, -651 ) /waypoint -412, -37, -651 Eq2map
Discovery Location (AA) Yes

What does this information mean?

The reason Guardian's Gulch is so named is currently obscure. It is a valley, rather longer than it is wide, that appears to have once been a river or lake - perhaps the remnants of the frozen river that ran through the Everfrost of old, or possibly the lake named on old maps of Norrath called Winter's Deep.

Guardian's Gulch is flat and covered in snow drifts. It is broken up by twisted spires of ice that inspired the location's other name, the Plains of Frozen Flame. In some places the snow has blown away, revealing crevasses in the ice where tentacle terrors lurk, including an incredibly ancient and dangerous tentacle terror known as The Kra`thuk. The area is also patrolled by ice dervishes, Order of the Blade valkyries, bears, mammoths, and Kromtorr giants exiled from Permafrost.

A small Barbarian clan tried to set up a homestead here, and it was promptly destroyed by elementals. Adventurers can seek out The Ruined Homestead.


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