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Category (Target)/// (Enemy)
Favor Cost *1500
Unlock QuestMust have completed the Quest "Imperiled Druid Ring"
 Casting Time  0.89 seconds
 Recast time  52 min 25 sec
 Duration  1 minute
 Range  25 meters
 Effect Radius  15 meters      Max Targets: 5

What does this information mean?
* Favor Cost is the base cost at a Humble Altar

  • Roots targets in Area of Effect
  • Stifles targets in Area of Effect
  • Decreases Attack Speed of targets in Area of Effect by 28.5
  • Decreases Mitigation of targets in Area of Effect vs heat damage by 2250
  • Special: See Description
  • Epic targets gain an immunity to Stifle effects of 3 minutes and duration is reduced to 20.0 seconds.
  • Resistability increased against targets higher than level 119
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