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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Faction Merchant
Race Gnoll
Zone Great Divide (Destiny of Velious)
Location ( -906, -522, -2081 ) /waypoint -906, -522, -2081 Eq2map


Griggin's items require faction with Snowfang Gnolls, and also cost 5p 4g each.

  • UPDATE: As of October 2013, this merchant's gear has been upgraded.
  • Items have been scaled and are 20% more powerful.
  • The Runes and Adornments have Not changed.
Items for saleFaction neededPrimal Velium Shards
Battlerager's Chalice10,000
Idol of Priesthood10,000
Lorekeeper's Frozen Orb10,000
Rune: Crit Bonus 10,00010
Rune: Greater Oracle I 20,00010
Rune: Greater Perpetual Flow I 20,00010
Rune: Greater Sorceror's Bore I 20,00010
Rune: Greater Uncanny Insight I 20,00010
Rune: Lesser Crit Bonus 10,0005
Rune: Lesser Multi Attack 10,0005
Rune: Lesser Riposte 10,0005
Rune: Lesser Sweeping Swings 10,0005
Rune: Multi Attack 10,00010
Rune: Oracle I 20,00010
Rune: Perpetual Flow I 20,00010
Rune: Riposte 10,00010
Rune: Sorceror's Bore I 20,00010
Rune: Sweeping Swings 10,00010
Rune: Uncanny Insight I 20,00010
Snowfang Arcanist's Bracelet 40,000
Snowfang Arcanist's Drape 30,000
Snowfang Arcanist's Ice Orb 20,000
Snowfang Defender's Bracelet 40,000
Snowfang Defender's Cloak 30,000
Snowfang Defender's Longbow 20,000
Snowfang Defender's Satchel 20,000
Snowfang Mystic's Bracelet 40,000
Snowfang Mystic's Cloak 30,000
Snowfang Mystic's Petrified Effigy 20,000
Snowfang Predator's Bracelet 40,000
Snowfang Predator's Cloak 30,000
Snowfang Predator's Longbow 20,000
Tundra Scout's Arrow Tip10,000
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