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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) The Blackscale Sepulcher (Kingdom of Sky)
Race Droag
Level 69▲▲▲ Tier 7 Heroic
Location Spawned in The Sealing Chamber ring event ( 165, -19, 24 ) /waypoint 165, -19, 24
Reported Drops
Respawn Timer none
Placeholder See below for ring event details
AA Exp Yes
Status Points unknown

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How To SpawnEdit

  • All 4 of the monsters in the area repop, kill them all until all 4 are "a Steward of the Seal"
    • They WILL depop so once the "a Steward of the Seal" has spawned it will be replaced by a non-steward if not kept engaged while waiting for the others to spawn (not instantly but <5 min). It is a good idea to bring a mezzer to do this, but it can be done with 2 mages rooting all four stewards.
  • With all 4 of the stewards up get all of them down to about 20% life then kill them all quickly around the same time
  • Grash, Timant and Tival will spawn in a single encounter.

Alternately: Kill all 4 members of mixed quartets of stewards and non-stewards so that they will all respawn simultaneously. Eventually, and it was not long for me (about 5 respawns), all 4 will simultaneously respawn as stewards. I soloed this event using this strategy.

Second alternative: I was able to solo this as a 68 necromancer using a healer mercenary. I dismissed my pet, and set the merc to heal me but not attack. Simply run around in circles aggroing the mobs and killing any placeholders until you have the four stewards in tow. Kill these and then respawn your pet for the final nameds.

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