Grakus Stonemallet

Grakus Stonemallet

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Ecology
Race Dwarf
Zone Queen's Colony (LU19)
Location Outside Crestrider's Trading Post ( -36, -5, 41 ) /waypoint -36, -5, 41

Grakus Stonemallet octopus comment


It's important to pay attention to what ecology NPCs have to say. Often they give you clues to other information, lore, mobs, and adventures you can find in game. Take, for example, Grakus Stonemallet. Hailing him produces a number of comments. On of them refers to a formerly rare octopus mob that can be found in game called The Vulth. Before The Vulth was made a 100% spawn, it's likely players would never have known it existed.

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