You do city tasks for The City of Gorowyn itself rather than various factions within the city.

Gorowyn (levels 10-20)Edit

Darkuli Mirt'ha at the Gorowyn City Services Complex in Gorowyn ( 2706, 107, 1208 ) /waypoint 2706, 106.7, 1208 offers the following city tasks:

Once you reach level 21 she gives you a quest to go to Butcherblock for more Writs:

Butcherblock Mountains (levels 20-70)Edit

Ankinil Zo'Ri is located in the Highland Outposts camp of Butcherblock Mountains ( 320, 190, 406 ) /waypoint 320, 190, 406

Butcherblock MountainsEdit

Steamfont MountainsEdit

The Lesser FaydarkEdit

Loping PlainsEdit

Once you reach level 70 she gives you a quest to go to Kylong Plains for more Writs:

Kylong Plains (levels 71-80)Edit

Zulzak Ku'Ti located at the Dreg's Landing of Kylong Plains ( 872, 12, 195 ) /waypoint 872, 12, 195 offers the following city tasks:

Kylong PlainsEdit

Fens of NathsarEdit

Kunzar JungleEdit

Jarsath WastesEdit

Moors of Ykesha (levels 75-80)Edit

Chalkonli Myli`ki, at the Dropship Landing Zone of Moors of Ykesha, offers the following city tasks:

Sentinel's Fate (levels 80-90)Edit

Grunglee Tekuluos is on the balcony of the Hall of Necromancy in Paineel ( 1708, -267, 3231 ) /waypoint 1708, -267, 3231. You must do Establishing a Basecamp before you can receive quests here

Velious and EthernereEdit

Eblius Shek'minnEdit

Eblius is at The Velium Keg in Thurgadin ( 680, -312, 383 ) /waypoint 680, -312, 383


Drezlok Sak'XinEdit

Drezlok is on the dock at Thurgadin Harbor ( 1205, -533, 450 ) /waypoint 1205, -533, 450

Velious and EthernereEdit


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