Butcherblock Mountains - Glubbsunk Cove

The beach and the mouth of the sunken caves are visible

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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone Butcherblock Mountains (Echoes of Faydwer)
Location The island directly across from the Butcherblock Docks ( 632, 23, 208 ) /waypoint 632.47, 23.49, 207.73. ( 723, 22, 199 ) /waypoint 723, 22, 199 Eq2map
Discovery Location (AA) Yes

What does this information mean?

Glubbsunk Cove is named after Glubsunk, the leader of the Glubbsunk Goblins.

The surface of the island is populated by moderate strength aqua goblins, mystics and wizards. The Aqua Goblin Oracle keeps watch on the Glubbsunks above ground, and has acquired a curious Ancient Koada'Dal Brooch that adventurers may be interested in.

Glubsunk himself lurks in the sunken caverns underneath the island.

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