The Globe of Swift Travel replaced the vast majority of bells, carpet rides to get to the dock of Sinking Sands, and can now be used in addition to Griffon Towers and boat rides that were once the only way to reach Butcherblock Mountains. For more information on when this change was made and why, see: the official announcement

The Globe of Swift Travel as it appears on the Freeport dock.

Overview[edit | edit source]

There is no precise way to say which zones can be reached using The Globe of Swift Travel, but there is (a fairly) easy way to remember which zones are typically accessed by using it. As a general rule of thumb it can be said that it:

  • Connects virtually all of the zones that are located on "normal" land masses and those that are (typically) near a port
  • Most of the locations it connects to at those ports are the starting point for the next level-range your character will reach (approximately) every 10 levels. In other words, when you've run out of quests in a zone, you will need to use the globe in most cases.
  • Connects to larger zones are either starter cities or those with player housing.

It can be said that it does not typically offer a direct connection to zones that float like islands in the sky (overrealms) or that exist in another plane of reality. For those, you still need to use Ulteran Spires or Druid Rings in many cases. Some exceptions are described at the end of this section.
One thing is always certain:

  • When using the globe you can only see the The City of Freeport and Neriak if your character is from a city of an "evil" alignment and the same holds true for Qeynos and characters that hail from a city of a "good" alignment.

Zones Accessed from the Globe[edit | edit source]

The map for the globe as it looks when an "evil" character is leaving Butcherblock Docks.

The globe locations listed here can be accessed from any globe you encounter with some restrictions based on alignment.

  • This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of 'how to get from these zones to the the next,' but the "Additional info" sections provides:
  • Some locations that are of great interest to find your way back home
  • Points out a desirable mount that can leap great distances which is can be done around level 30, with no requirement to buy and expansion
  • Alerts to a faction that remains important to crafters from 55-max level
  • Highlight recurring events that take place in or very near them
  • Levels provided are approximate, but additional dungeons may exist and older ones are often revamped.

Zones that can be accessed with the Globe of Swift Travel. Click near the top to sort.

Travel by Globe Approx. Zone Level Starting City or Housing? Alignment Restrictions Additional info
The City of Freeport quests scale No, but has player housing "good" alignments can not see on map See The City of Freeport Timeline
The City of Qeynos quests scale No, but has player housing "evil" alignments can not see on map See The City of Qeynos Timeline
Frostfang Sea 1-20 Yes, homes in New Halas No restrictions for entry City Festival for New Halas, Erollisi Day quest hub
Greater Faydark 1-20 Yes, homes in Kelethin No restrictions for entry City Festival for Kelethin is held here
Timorous Deep 1-20 Yes, homes in Gorowyn No restrictions for entry City Festival for Gorowyn held here
Neriak, City of Hate 1-20 Yes, Neriak is the city and Darklight Wood adjacent start zone "good" characters can not see on map City Festival nearby in Darklight Wood
Antonica 10-20 none none City Festival for Qeynos held here, holiday races like Hearts a'Flutter
Commonlands 10-20 none none City Festival for Freeport held here, races like Hearts a'Flutter
Thundering Steppes 20-30 none none
Nektulos Forest 20-30 none none Quest hub during Nights of the Dead
Butcherblock Mountains 20-35 none none Zone with leaper mount quests: Horned Mountain Saliraptor or Scaled Mountain Saliraptor
Zek, the Orcish Wastes 30-40 none None
Enchanted Lands 30-40 none None
Feerrott 35-45 none none
Everfrost 40-50 none none
Lavastorm 45-55 none none
Isle of Mara 55-65 none none Major hub for Far Seas Supply Division (Faction) tradeskill quests
Sinking Sands 50-60 Housing only with enough faction in Maj'Dul none
Fens of Nathsar 70-75 none none
Kylong Plains 66-72 none none
Jarsath Wastes 75-80 none none
Moors of Ykesha 75-80 none none
The Great Divide 85-90 Housing only with purchase of Thurgadin Grand Hall none Zone with flying mount quests
Cobalt Scar 92+ none none
Outpost of the Overlord 1-9 none none
Chrykori Village 1-10 none none
Phantom Sea 95-100 none none
Tranquil Sea 95-100 none none
Far Seas Distillery 95-00 none none

Exceptions[edit | edit source]

  • Though they are located on a landmass, the zones with Destiny of Velious expansion must first be accessed by taking the Globe of Swift Travel to Sinking Sands and hailing an Othmir emissary on the docks.
  • In order to travel to Vesspyr Isles, you must travel to Great Divide and use a Dragon Ring. Players who've completed the Chains of Eternity signature (adventuring) questline can use any druid ring.
  • Two house items items can be used to travel to the Great Divide and both can be placed in guild halls:
  • The older zones that were located adjacent to Qeynos and Freeport are not accessed by globe, but (primarily) using a Mariner's Bell inside the city.

Locating a Globe of Swift Travel[edit | edit source]

The globes are typically found near docks, since they replaced the bells that were once used to travel from various ports in Norrath, but you find them near key locations in some cities without a port; For example, there is one near the bank in the city of Kelethin.

Other Travel Options[edit | edit source]

The look of the Mariner's Bells, used to travel within the City of Freeport.

Top row: Neriak and Kelethin's teleoprt pads. Bottom: the teleport pad style for Gorowyn.

For a comprehensive overview of all travel within EQ2, see Travel in Norrath.

Travel within Cities[edit | edit source]

The Globe of Swift Travel is not the only travel option.

Travel within Zones[edit | edit source]

When you are in some zones, you can use various fast travel options to get from one side to the other and to some zones deeper within the world. All of these work similarly; you generally hail a NPC, a map opens and you choose the location. Most do not require an unlock quest after the travel update.

Travel to Overland Zones[edit | edit source]

If you're heading to a zone that floats like an island in air or that exist in other planes of reality, you will need to use these options (in most cases):

Now Optional[edit | edit source]

Some docks also have boats rides for those who enjoy leisurely travel.

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