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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Thalumbra, the Ever Deep  (AA)
Journal Level 100 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Thalumbra, the Ever Deep more
How to Start Speak with Bynn Cloingborn at ( 481, 135, 343 ) /waypoint 481.12, 134.89, 343.39 Eq2map.
part of: Terrors of Thalumbra Timeline
Preceded by:
Cloingborn This Way
Followed by:

What does this information mean?

Being a gnemlin has not stopped Bynn Cloingborn from looking up to Gilzin Bluefist, a dwarf of significant importance from Maldura's ancient past. According to local legend he opened dwarven eyes to the potential in magic and arcane augmentation, allowing for mages to become a respected class within Maldura.


  1. Receive Cloingborn's thaumaturgic actuator from Bynn.
  2. Fill the actuator with 6 Gilzin's lingering magic at Bluefist's Battlefield in Thalumbra ( 298, 81, -457 ) /waypoint 297.62, 81.41, -456.99.
  3. Return to Bynn Cloingborn.


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