West Freeeport Lotto

The Lotto Booth in West Freeport

Lotto Game Window

The game window (just lost once again)

Lotto Book Window

The info displayed in the book

Throughout Norrath, you'll find goblins selling lotto tickets for a 10silver price. Each such goblin lotto seller will have a book next to him that you can click to learn the current value of the jackpot.

The game has the look of a slot machine but it really works like a lotto. Each time you buy a ticket, 6 numbers are drawn randomly for you and if enough of those numbers match the (fixed) target ones, you win some money. If you get all 6 numbers right: jackpot !

The odds Edit

"The lottery is a tax on those incapable of basic math."

#s Matched Probality of occurrence Winnings
0 30.48%
1 43.90%
2 21.10% 10s
3 4.169% 50s
4 1 in 299 2g 50s
5 1 in 10,821 25g
6 1 in 1,947,792 Jackpot

The odds above assume that the pseudo-random number generator is doing a nice job...

Details and Statistsics Edit

  • Whenever someone wins the jackpot, 6 new different target numbers from 1 to 36 are chosen (pseudo-)randomly by the game and a new jackpot is started at 10p.
  • Each time you buy a ticket, 3s 70c is added to the jackpot.
  • Because the tickets are sold for 10s, the average return ignoring a jackpot is about 5s 26c.
  • The long term average return of the game (taking into account the 10p starting jackpot and the amount invested into it for each ticket) is about: 9s 01c.

Where to play Edit

Various zones have a Gigglegibber Lotto vendor:

  • Note: This game is NOT active on Exchange servers.
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