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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Loping Plains
Journal Level 65 (Tier 7)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Loping Plains more
How to Start Talk to Havras "Hack" Scutter in the Village of Somborn ( -310, 12, -50 ) /waypoint -310, 12, -50
Preceded by:
The Symbol in the Flesh
Followed by:
The Symbol in the Flesh
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Steps Edit

  1. Speak with Toranim Skyblade in North Qeynos ( 535, -32, -174 ) /waypoint 535, -32, -174
    • Obtain 1 Enchanted Adamantine Ore from an Adorner with 325 skill.
      • collecting the Capillary from a shared/guild bank doesn't update the quest. It must be collected from mail, bought from broker, removed from your own broker, or traded from another character. Quest will update if it is sitting in your bank or in your bags on your character when you speak to Toranim.
    • Obtain 6 Phosphorescent Pearls, a fairly common update from deep spawn consorts in Loping Plains. You will find them on the beach on the small wooden platforms, as well as a few wandering on the beach. Killing one does not guarantee an update and each has 5 min respawn.
    • Kill Kassar the Uncontrollable in the Mistmoore Catacombs: ascend to the basement and click the hanging bones at ( -56, -28, -98 ) /waypoint -56, -28, -98 to spawn him
  2. Return to Toranim Skyblade in North Qeynos

Reward Edit