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Ghassan the Trader Timeline
Recommended Levels 46 to 58
Introduced: Desert of Flames
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: The Sinking Sands
Preceded by: Sinking Sands Timeline
Followed by: Ashen Order Timeline
Ghassan the Trader Timeline [edit]
Sinking Sands Timeline
The Sinking Sands
Ghassan the Trader
1. Hides for Ghassan
2. Spice Delivery
3. Venomous Venture
4. Questionable Merchandise
5. A Delicate Matter
6. Another Employer
7. The Search Begins
8. The Lonely Crypt
9. The Final Piece
The Pillars of Flame
Sergeant Tuskin
10. Scouting and Stingers
11. Sandscrawler Studies
12. The Prophet Problem
13. Quarry Quibbles
Disciple Shula
14. Hide for a Hide
15. Amongst the Mad
16. Grueling Times
17. Of an Order
18. Skills of the Char`Gin
Siraj al Din
19. In the Pick of Time
20. Divine Retribution
21. Drowned Treasures
22. Into the Past

This long quest-line starts with Ghassan the Trader at the docks in The Sinking Sands. Along the way you will earn several rewards.

In The Sinking Sands[]

(recommended level in brackets)

The storyline takes a twist with Rashad.

Ghassan the Trader - at dock

Rashad - start of orc highway

In The Pillars of Flame[]

Sergeant Tuskin - at the entrance to the Ortallian Encampment

Disciple Shula - up a rift in the Ortallian Encampment

Siraj al Din - Camp Char'Gin

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