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10th Season Adventurer10Become a level 10 Adventurer.
20th Season Adventurer10Become a level 20 Adventurer.
30th Season Adventurer10Become a level 30 Adventurer.
40th Season Adventurer10Become a level 40 Adventurer.
50th Season Adventurer10Become a level 50 Adventurer.
60th Season Adventurer10Become a level 60 Adventurer.
70th Season Adventurer10Become a level 70 Adventurer.
80th Season Adventurer10Become a level 80 Adventurer.
90th Season Adventurer10Become a level 90 Adventurer.
100th Season Adventurer10Become a level 100 Adventurer.
101st Planar Adventurer10Become a level 101 Adventurer.
102nd Planar Adventurer10Become a level 102 Adventurer.
103rd Planar Adventurer10Become a level 103 Adventurer.
104th Planar Adventurer10Become a level 104 Adventurer.
105th Planar Adventurer10Become a level 105 Adventurer.
106th Planar Adventurer10Become a level 106 Adventurer.
107th Planar Adventurer10Become a level 107 Adventurer.
108th Planar Adventurer10Become a level 108 Adventurer.
109th Planar Adventurer10Become a level 109 Adventurer.
110th Planar Adventurer10Become a level 110 Adventurer.
120th Season Adventurer10Become a level 120 Adventurer.
Advancing Steadily25Earn 100 Alternate Advancement Points.
Over Achiever50Earn 200 Alternate Advancement Points.
Up, Up, and Away!50Earn 280 Alternate Advancement Points.
Star Destroyer50 Earn 300 Alternate Achievement Points.
Ding-a-ling (Hidden)25Travel using the bell network 500 times.
Globetrotter (Hidden)50Travel using the bell network 1000 times.
Spire Flier (Hidden)50Use the Ulteran Spires 1000 times.
We Want a Shrubbery50Travel using the blessed shrubbery 1000 times.
Annnnd.... ACTION!10Upload 2 video clips.
Bite Your Thumb10Win 50 duels.
Duelist15Win 100 duels.
There Can Be Only One..50Win 500 duels.
Explainer5Learn 5 Languages.
Linguist5Learn 10 Languages.
Translator5Learn 15 Languages.
Interpreter5Learn 20 Languages.
Cryptographer5Learn 25 Languages.
Lexicographer5Learn 30 Languages.
Etymologist5Learn 35 Languages.
Stable Hand5Collect 5 mounts.
Equestrian5Collect 10 mounts.
Wrangler10Collect 20 mounts.
Beastmaster20Collect 40 mounts.
Boing... Boing... Boing...5Obtain a leaping mount.
Norrathian Air5Obtain a flying mount.
Soarin' Over Norrath5Obtain a gliding mount.
Biggest Loser (Hidden)5Roll a 1 in a lottery or need-before-greed loot roll.
Biggest Winner (Hidden)5Roll a 100 in a lottery or need-before-greed loot roll.
I'll take that! (Hidden)5Win 10 items via lottery or need-before-greed loot rolls.
Is it need or is it greed? (Hidden)5Win 100 items via lottery or need-before-greed loot rolls.
Lord of the Dice (Hidden)20Win 1000 items via lottery or need-before-greed loot rolls.
Habitual Flirt (Hidden)5Flirt with 100 players.
Just being friendly! (Hidden)5Hug 10 players.
Swimming Under The Influence (Hidden)5Obtain 400 swimming and level 400 alcohol tolerance.
NOW who's the Dummy (Hidden)5Defeat an epic training dummy... alone!
Brawn for hire (Hidden until first hire)5Hire 5 different standard mercenaries
More Brawn for hire5Hire 10 different standard mercenaries
Mercenary Mouth to Mouth (Hidden)10Get resurrected by a mercenary.
Lookie What I Found! (Hidden)10Hire a rare mercenary.
Hall of Famer10Earn Hall of Fame status for one of your homes!
Hall of Famer II10Earn Hall of Fame status for a second home!
Hall of Famer III10Earn Hall of Fame status for a third home!
Hall of Famer IV10Earn Hall of Fame status for a fourth home!
Hall of Famer V10Earn Hall of Fame status for a fifth home!
Hall of Famer VI10Earn Hall of Fame status for a sixth home!
Hall of Famer VII10Earn Hall of Fame status for a seventh home!
Hall of Famer VIII10Earn Hall of Fame status for an eight home!
Hall of Famer IX10Earn Hall of Fame status for a ninth home!
Hall of Famer X10Earn Hall of Fame status for a tenth home!
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