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Gather Scaleborn Sentinel Parts

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Kill 14 silent sentinels in the Sanctum of Scaleborn.
timeline = Freeport City Tasks|
jcat = City Tasks|
faction = The Academy of Arcane Science| <!-- use ONLY if this is a City Task quest -->
level = 62|
diff = Heroic|
szone = North Freeport|
patch = Kingdom of Sky|
aaexp = |
prereq = |
start = Speak with Savant Ka'im {{loc|4|7|-125}} at the {{POI|Academy of Arcane Science}} in {{Zone|North Freeport}}|
next =
* Kill 15 {{Monster|Silent sentinel|silent sentinels}} in the {{Zone|Sanctum of the Scaleborn}}.
* 7475 Status Points
* Gives +150 faction with The Academy of Arcane
*{{Faction|The Academy of Arcane Science|+150|Quest}}
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