Garanel Rucksif, the Cursed

Garanel Rucksif, the Cursed

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) The Estate of Unrest (LU32)
Race Ghost
Level 74▲▲▲ Tier 8 Heroic
Location The Heart of Unrest
Reported Drops
Related Quests

The Search for Vel'Arek

AA Exp Yes
Status Points Yes

What does this information mean?

Spawned by bringing all 7 bones from the shards of Garanel to the set of armor laying on the ground at the top of the middle spire.


  • The fog (and Garanel's Shade) are on a 2 minute 30 second timer. Space your pulls to avoid multiple mob fights!
  • In the beginning, pull the shards of Garanel and fragments of Garanel to the last square room. They are slow, so you will only be able to kill one, then wait for the fog and Garanel's Shade.
  • Placing the bones as you get them will prevent that shard of Garanel from respawning, eliminating duplicates. Have the tank (or the puller, if different) collect the bones.


After killing Garanel, presumably the first time only, you will get an email from Garanel! It will contain Garanel's Scorched Skull and the following message:

From: Garanel Rucksif
Subject: Forget something?

Trespasser, I told you I couldn't be destroyed! Next time the party is at your place!

You cannot hide from me!


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