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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Faction Merchant
Race Othmir
Zone Great Divide (Destiny of Velious)
Location Fina's Retreat ( -1365, -533, -2137 ) /waypoint -1365, -533, -2137 Eq2map


  • Sells items to those with at least 10,000 faction with the Othmir of Velious.
  • UPDATE: As of October 2013, this merchant's gear has been upgraded to scale with Heroic Lv 85 Characters.

Items have been scaled and are 20% more powerful. The Runes and Adornments have Not changed.

Items for salePriceFaction neededPrimal Velium ShardsPure Primal Velium Shards
Frost Scorned Wristlet of Prexus5p 4g20,000
Frost Scorned Bracelet of Prexus5p 4g20,000
Grand Othmir Band of Prexus5p 4g10,000
Grand Othmir Bracelet of Prexus5p 4g20,000
Grand Othmir Bracers of Prexus5p 4g20,000
Grand Othmir Circlet of Prexus5p 4g10,000
Grand Othmir Loop of Prexus5p 4g10,000
Grand Othmir Ring of Prexus5p 4g10,000
Grand Othmir Wristband of Prexus15p 12g 1c20,000
Grand Othmir Wristlet of Prexus15p 12g 1c20,000
Rune: Accuracy5p 4g10,00010
Rune: Block Chance5p 4g10,00010
Rune: Critical Chance5p 4g10,00010
Rune: Discombobulate I5p 4g20,0005
Rune: Focused Destruction I5p 4g20,0005
Rune: Greater Discombobulate I5p 4g20,00010
Rune: Greater Focused Destruction I5p 4g20,00010
Rune: Greater Mending I5p 4g20,00010
Rune: Greater Stout I5p 4g20,00010
Rune: Lesser Accuracy5p 4g10,0005
Rune: Lesser Block Chance5p 4g10,0005
Rune: Lesser Critical Chance5p 4g10,0005
Rune: Lesser Spell Double Attack5p 4g10,0005
Rune: Mending I5p 4g20,0005
Rune: Spell Double Attack5p 4g10,00010
Rune: Stout I5p 4g20,0005
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